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Empowering Employees by Giving Them Access to Their Own Time and Attendance Information

We have been thinking a lot about ways employers can encourage engagement by employees when implementing a new time & attendance system like TimeHub. One way we think they can do this is by showing they trust them by giving them access to their personal attendance data.

We believe the old adage "Information is power" should be rephrased as "Information is EMpowerMENT"

In today's ever-changing workplace, companies are continuously seeking ways to enhance employee productivity, motivation, and trust. One recent trend has been to provide employees with direct access to their time and attendance records. This approach offers several benefits, including empowering employees, enabling personal responsibility, enhancing transparency, and increasing productivity and motivation.

It also signals that the company trusts its workers and provides a level of employee self-governance.

Benefits of Empowering Employees Through Direct Access to Time and Attendance Information

Empowering employees is one of the key benefits of providing direct access to time and attendance records. By enabling workers to access and manage their attendance records, they feel that they have control over their work schedules. This sense of control creates a positive work environment where employees feel more valued and motivated.

Personal responsibility is another benefit of empowering employees through direct access to their time and attendance records. Employees become more accountable for managing their schedules and making decisions that impact their productivity and the company's bottom line. As such, they take ownership of their work and strive to improve their output, leading to better work performance.

Direct access to time and attendance records promotes transparency in the workplace. It enables workers to view their work hours, leaves taken, overtime earned, and pay records. This access enhances accountability, leading to fewer errors and more accurate compensation.

Empowering employees through direct access to time and attendance records also improves productivity levels. Since the employees feel in control of their attendance records, they are more motivated to arrive at work on time and put in their best effort. It eliminates the need for manual timesheets and reduces the delays in finalising payroll. This approach also provides real-time updates, which significantly reduce administrative tasks.

Finally, direct access to time and attendance records can boost employee motivation and increase their engagement with work. When employees know that their contributions are accurately accounted for and they are compensated for their hard work, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work.


Empowering employees through direct access to their time and attendance records provides several benefits, including enhancing productivity, motivation, trust, and transparency. Still, it also poses new challenges, including the need for oversight, and monitoring. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between employees and employers by establishing an efficient monitoring system, effective communication, and understanding of employee needs. By doing so, companies can reap the numerous benefits of empowering their employees through direct access to their time and attendance records, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

How we are helping employers empower their employees by providing access to their personal time and attendance data.

As part of the work we are doing with employers who use our MyTimesheets time & attendance apps, we have created a tool which not only captures accurate attendance data in real-time but also gives employees access to their attendance information, the ability to message managers, view their roster, view leave balances and apply for leave.

This short video shows some of the features available to employees.

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