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Easter blog

Are you ready for Easter

Whenever there is a block of Public Holidays such as Christmas, New Year or Easter, you can almost feel the stress levels go up in the payroll office as payroll admins and managers try to get their heads around who should be paid what. While the simple rule is: Employees…
ts are evil

"I love paper timesheets" said no one ever. #PaperTimesheetsareevil

When it comes to tracking employee attendance for payroll (or job costing) purposes the most inaccurate, creative and despised method is the paper timesheet. Especially handwritten, paper versions. Your employees hate completing them. Your managers hate trying to decipher the handwriting, checking and calculating  the hours Your payroll manager hates…

We have created a new add-on for MyTimesheets - MyRoster by TimeHub

Combining Rostering with Realtime Employee Time & Attendance management, makes for more accurate payroll and happier staff. MyRoster is a powerfully simple add-on to our MyTimesheets application and is designed to make managing employee attendance faster and more accurate. To date our focus has been on helping you manage the realtime…
Copy of FB

We need to have a conversation about timesheets.

It’s 2021, and the old way we manage the recording of employee time and attendance (paper timesheets) is broken and no longer viable in today's digital world. Timesheets get a bad rap, but they shouldn’t. Timesheets are mission critical. Your employees feel great when they are paid for the hours…

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