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We have created a new add-on for MyTimesheets – MyRoster by TimeHub

Combining Rostering with Realtime Employee Time & Attendance management, makes for more accurate payroll and happier staff. MyRoster is a powerfully simple add-on to our MyTimesheets application and is designed to make managing employee attendance faster and more accurate. To date our focus has been on helping you manage the realtime…
Blog The Path you think your staff are taking

Is it a people problem or a process problem.

I regularly receive calls from employers who think they have a problem with their employees time and attendance. They often talk about “time theft” or some variation of this. My staff write down the wrong times My staff can’t add up. My staff say they were there when they weren’t.…
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We need to have a conversation about timesheets.

It’s 2021, and the old way we manage the recording of employee time and attendance (paper timesheets) is broken and no longer viable in today’s digital world. Timesheets get a bad rap, but they shouldn’t. Timesheets are mission critical. Your employees feel great when they are paid for the hours…
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In a post pandemic economy, managing your payroll cost is mission critical, and a key factor in this is managing how you capture the data you use to prepare your payroll. The question Who Worked When? is one employers have been asking forever. And now, being able to answer that…
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MyTimesheets on the A Kiwi Original Podcast

Recently I was interviewed by Ryan Jennings of Buy NZ Made about how our MyTimesheets app is helping Kiwi businesses save money… through… more accurate timesheet management that ensures compliance with the Employment Relations Act, Holidays Act and the Health & Safety Employment Act. We also talk about why we…

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