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Issues with Timesheets - Is it a people problem or a process problem.

I regularly receive calls from employers who think they have a problem with their employees time and attendance.

They often talk about "time theft" or some variation of this.

  • My staff write down the wrong times
  • My staff can’t add up.
  • My staff say they were there when they weren’t.
  • My staff clock in for each other.
  • It takes my managers hours to chase up and check the timesheets
  • It takes my payroll person hours to check and key data into our payroll

Yet when we drill into what is actually happening it becomes clear that the issue is the process, not the people.

Are you an “enabler”

It is human nature to take a short if you can.

Therefore if you give your team a tool to track their attendance that allows or even encourages “creativity” then some, not all, will take advantage.

The problem then is that you then can’t be sure who does this or when this will happen, so the burden for accuracy shifts from your team to you or your managers

And now you have a trust issue that will suck time out of your week.

Finding a better process makes it easier for your team to do the right thing, which in turn makes life easier for you.

Take "time" out of managing employee attendance and payroll.

The key to effective payroll management is accurate data capture and the closer to real-time this data capture takes place the more accurate it will be.

Manual systems like paper timesheets allow your team to record what they think you need to see and they can do this at any time, even the end of the week which is well after it happened.

Whereas digital systems like TimeHub and MyTimesheets, which use "real-time" apps on smartphones, tablets or PC's, capture the data as it happens, including if required, information of what the employee was doing.

They can also capture GPS location if the staff are mobile and use photo verification to eliminate "buddy punching" if a shared device like a tablet is being used.

Then there is no ambiguity about this data and as the data is stored in the cloud as it happens you can see who , worked when in realtime. Also computers know how to add up time (unlike some humans) so the data is even more accurate and can be fed straight to your payroll system so there is no double handling and less risk of error.

So the question you need to ask yourself is - "do I have a people or process problem"

The benefit of digital systems like TimeHub and MyTimesheets is you can solve the problem, regardless of which one it is.

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