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Automated Breaks

Setting Up Automatic Un-Paid Breaks

One of the key requirements of the Employment Relations Act is managing Employee Breaks (Read More) A key component of this is recording when it happens and for how long. While you have always had the ability to have staff record both Paid and Unpaid Breaks we have recently been…
Report Only Login

Report Only View for Users

Recently we have been asked to crate an option which restricts access to Reports and Exports only. This allows you to create a User Access for a Supervisor or Manager who needs to be able to report on their team or specific jobs but not be able to access the other…
Weekly Analysis by Job and Employee

Weekly Analysis by Job and Employee

To assist those of you who are using MyTimesheets to track time on Jobs/Tasks/Projects/Cost Centres etc we have created two new Weekly Analysis reports which you may find useful. These reports give you a table view snapshot over any 7 day period of: What jobs an employee has worked on…
Admin Notes

Admin Notes

We are big believers in the idea that the more information you record, the better outcomes you will have. One area where this is particularly is when you want to record additional information about an employees timesheet or timesheet entry. Sometimes this information may be for your benefit and should…

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