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Want to know the simplest way to ensure your employees record their hours

I spend most of my time thinking about ways I can help employers improve their time & attendance processes (weird I know) 🤔
and I thought you might find this of value.
One common complaint I hear from employers is ” My staff don’t record the hours they work accurately or on time”
Nothing is more demoralising for employees than being expected to do something without knowing why and/or how.
Yet most employers don’t have a specific (and stated) policy when it comes to Attendance Management.
That’s why I have created a free Employee Time & Attendance Policy and Procedure template you can use to base yours on (complete the quick form below and we will email a copy to you)
It sets out the rules and expectations when it comes to employees recording the hours they work.
This lets everyone knows where they stand and it will ensure better engagement in the future.
I hope you find this helpful and that it helps you improve the way you manage employee time.



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