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Setting Up Automatic Un-Paid Breaks

One of the key requirements of the Employment Relations Act is managing Employee Breaks (Read More)

A key component of this is recording when it happens and for how long.

While you have always had the ability to have staff record both Paid and Unpaid Breaks we have recently been looking at ways we can improve this process. As part of the work we are doing to create a new "Rules Engine" which can automate some of the manual or mundane processes related to recording employee attendance we have added a new feature called "Rules for Breaks"

This new feature allows you to set up automated breaks which are applied by MyTimesheets if an employee works a specified number of hours on a day/s and has not already clocked or entered a break via the App or their Browser login.

This new feature allows you to set up Break Rules for different groups of employees, departments, days of the week etc.

This video covers how to set up your "Rules for Breaks"If you need help with setting this up please feel free to contact us and we will help set them up.

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