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Daylight Savings

The impact that Daylight Savings has on an employees pay

In our time zone, the daylight saving dates and the rules around what happens if you are working when the clocks change are governed by 2 pieces of legislation. Time Act NZ Daylight Time Order So what happens you are working when the clocks change? Working when daylight saving begins…

We have created a new add-on for MyTimesheets – MyRoster by TimeHub

Combining Rostering with Realtime Employee Time & Attendance management, makes for more accurate payroll and happier staff. MyRoster is a powerfully simple add-on to our MyTimesheets application and is designed to make managing employee attendance faster and more accurate. To date our focus has been on helping you manage the realtime…
Blog The Path you think your staff are taking

Is it a people problem or a process problem.

I regularly receive calls from employers who think they have a problem with their employees time and attendance. They often talk about “time theft” or some variation of this. My staff write down the wrong times My staff can’t add up. My staff say they were there when they weren’t.…
Grow blog post2

From the “Colonies” to the “Motherland”

We are really excited to have our first client in the UK! Recently we were contacted by the co-founder of Grow in the London borough of Hackney (yes we had to find it on Google maps 😊). Grow is a bar, kitchen and independent “Creative Space” by the River Lea…

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