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Work out how “TimeCreep”, caused by paper timesheets, is costing you time and money

While Time Theft is often cited as the main concern when it comes to managing employee time, especially where employees are using manual systems like paper timesheets, punch clocks, and even some digital tools, the real issue is TimeCreep and how it impacts your business.

So, what is TimeCreep?

It's the small, incremental, and often hidden costs caused by incorrect recording of time, tardiness, rounding errors, calculation errors, buddy punching, and potential keying errors, as well as the time it takes to key data into your payroll or job costing system.

As experts in employee time management for over 25 years, we've seen many other ways these systems impact your business.

To help you identify how TimeCreep could be impacting your business, we've analysed the various ways it can affect your operations and we have published this in a guide to help you work through the impact that TimeCreep could be having on you, your staff and your business.



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