The MyTimesheets App has been designed to work on smartphones, tablets and PC's. When accessed via a smartphone or tablet it will allow for data to be captured whether the device is online or offline.

MyTimesheets has a number of options for how you capture data and what data you capture. This can range from start/finish times, actual hours, allowances, piece rates, leave and breaks. A key function is the ability to record the time staff are spending on a particular job, task or project.

In this quick video, we show you how easy the app is to use so we do not show all functionality. We would recommend that you speak to one of our consultants about your specific needs.

MyTimesheets is powerfully simple!

A) Hourly, Daily or Weekly Employees complete their timesheets in MyTimesheets using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

These devices can even be shared devices where more than one employee completes their timesheet using the same device. 

By using the MyTimesheets App, they can pull out their mobile phone, open their timesheet and start or stop, enter the hours worked, job worked on, apply for leave etc. 

B) Then Hourly, Daily or Weekly you, your managers or payroll admin etc can log in and View, Edit, Approve and Report on the completed timesheets in your MyTimesheets Employer Portal using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

C) Then at the end of the week, you can export the data to your payroll and thus eliminate any keying. If you are tracking time data for jobs, you can export this data on an "as required" basis Hourly, Daily or Weekly. 

Rather than take our word for how much time and money MyTimesheets will save your business, why not book a call with one of our Time and Attendance  Specialists, who, after analysing your business needs will be able to take you through a no obligation, 15-minute demo of MyTimesheets.

Yes, that's right, MyTimesheets is so simple you will be convinced in minutes and then once you are ready to join our No Paper Timesheets Movement, getting you set up doesn't take much longer.

Why waste more time when you could easily know Who Worked When today. 

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