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Admin Notes

We are big believers in the idea that the more information you record, the better outcomes you will have.

One area where this is particularly is when you want to record additional information about an employees timesheet or timesheet entry. Sometimes this information may be for your benefit and should not be visible to employees.

An example of this might be a note about why you have made an edit to an employees times or timesheet entry. Having this information recorded means that you are not depending on your memory and you can refer back to it in future.

To assist with this we have added a new field in the Review Times called "Admin Note". Using this notes field you can record any text which is relevant. An example of this might be "Forgot to clock in when he arrived so I have adjusted the start time from 10.00 to 08.30 (SN)" 0r "Has no sick leave so I have used some of the available Annual Leave Hrs" etc.

These notes are displayed with the text in [brackets] so you can tell the difference between a note entered by an employee and an admin note.

You can also access these notes once the day has been posted to payroll. Initially this will done via the Detailed Timesheet Export. Note: We will also be adding a report which you can run at anytime.

This quick video show how they can be used and accessed historically.

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