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Allow Employees to Enter/Apply for Leave (only) via the browser

One of the key features of  MyTimesheets is the ability to enter leave in realtime, on the day, via the App.

In many cases you will have your MyTimesheets system set up that staff use the App and if they access their Employee Portal via the browser view they have a "read-only" view of their timesheet data as you do not want them entering or editing time which has been recorded through the app.

While this is understandable we felt there may be times where it is useful for an employee to be able to enter or apply for leave outside of the current day ie not through the App, with the leave then approved by an Admin.

We have added a feature which, when enabled, allows employees to enter or more importantly apply for Leave through the Employee Portal via the browser view, but not add or edit any other timesheet entries.

Using this function an employee is able to enter leave for multiple days and/or future pay periods. This does not mean that the Leave is automatically paid. It must still be approved.

Having the ability for staff to do this means they can apply for/pre-enter their leave and have it approved. Therefore they don't need to enter a timesheet while they are absent and you have a picture of who will be away in future.

This video shows how to enable this feature and set up the PayCodes.


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