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Anchoring Employee Start Times to their expected "Shift Start"

As part of some work we are doing to improve the data you are capturing and also reduce the amount of editing you have to do, we have added a new "Anchoring" feature which lets you set an expected start and finish time for some of all staff and then set a threshold of X minutes before the employees expected start time where you would consider them to have just clocked in early.

This is useful where you have an employee who arrives early (before their normal shift start time) and clocks in even though they have not actually started work.

In all cases we still record and display the Actual clocked time along with the Anchored or adjusted time so you can see what actually happened in case you want to amend the times.

This is feature is part of the work we are doing on new functionality such as Rostering and having a Rules Engine to automate certain tasks.

This video covers how to set this up and how it is applied

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