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We have created a new add-on for MyTimesheets - MyRoster by TimeHub

Combining Rostering with Realtime Employee Time & Attendance management, makes for more accurate payroll and happier staff.

MyRoster is a powerfully simple add-on to our MyTimesheets application and is designed to make managing employee attendance faster and more accurate.

To date our focus has been on helping you manage the realtime attendance data for your team and through that improve the accuracy of your payroll.

Lately we have been thinking about how we can enhance this process by helping you with the planning of your teams time and attendance.

Regardless of how small your team is, a staff roster can be crucial to the running of your business. Employee scheduling is a never-ending task for managers and business owners. Even under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to accurately anticipate staffing needs and maximize productivity while staying fair to employees.

A roster puts your business in order, but instead of using an outdated technique such as paper rosters or excel spreadsheets, there is now a simpler and faster way to prepare a staff schedule.

MyRoster is a simple and straightforward add-on to our MyTimesheets application

If you have ever had to write or create a roster and then print out a new version after every change you make or try to read the handwritten edits on your paper roster, you will understand how much you will benefit from being able to create an automatic or ad-hoc roster with the click of your mouse and then be able to change what you have originally rostered with just a click of a button, saving you time and reducing admin stress.

MyRoster is an effective, time-saving and beneficial tool for all involved in the process of managing staff. All rosters are visible to your admin team and managers. Plus staff will be able to view their roster via the employee self service portal, so they can view their rosters on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Improved Productivity

With MyRoster, you can plan and build rosters quickly and efficiently, and even take advantage of auto-scheduling to simplify the process further. MyRoster provides roster templates for staff with fixed work patterns as well as the ability to create ad-hoc rosters on the fly, revolutionising the way your business manages staff rosters. You can manage the whole team or managers can roster just their teams.

There is no risk of a paper/printed roster going missing and with all leave (approved and applied for) being visible on your MyRoster screen, the system highlights gaps in the roster and managers can act accordingly to plug these gaps.

With MyRoster you can see, at a glance, who is scheduled to work on what day; their rate of pay (If required. This will be in version 2); their department, their contact number, their tasks, if they are available or not available or oncall etc.

Actual Vs Rostered

One of the key benefits of having a roster is it makes it easier to check and approve an employees actual time worked as you know what was expected. Adding MyRoster to your MyTimesheets lets you compare rosters against an employee's realtime clock data to verify that they have worked their allotted shift.

In version 2 we will be providing tools to alert and/or report on variances to the rostered hours as well as being to roster based cost, with comparisons between budget and actual.

Reduce Costs

Managing staff rostering electronically entails significant cost savings in terms of paper, folders, printer maintenance, ink and more importantly the time that would otherwise be spent by a line managers building and managing rosters. What’s more, implementing MyRoster will give you a better understanding of how actual wage costs compare to budgeted/rostered wage cost, enabling you to streamline your workforce.

Accessibility, Convenience, and Flexibility

Because MyRoster can be accessed by managers and staff, both you and your team enjoy a great deal of flexibility. While you will be able to roster staff according to their skills, location, and availability, employees can view their roster at their convenience. The productivity levels of employees empowered by this collaborative process are likely to increase into the bargain.

With MyRoster being cloud based, data is updated in real-time, meaning staff shortages can be addressed quickly and staff can be sent messages re shift availability. Managers can assess leave requests on a case-by-case basis, determining whether shortages can be covered by other eligible team members.

Below is a quick video to give you an overview of the first stage of what we have built.

This first version is now available to all MyTimesheets clients. There will be new features added over the coming weeks and these will be made available as they are released.

If you would like to book a one on one demo of MyRoster to discuss how you could use it for your team please use this link to book a time with Steve:

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