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Never Assume!

(you know what they say about assuming - makes an Ass out of U and Me)

I often hear this from employers - " My staff are old school and they like the paper timesheets" or " My staff wouldn't know how to use an app"

Yet my experience is that 95+ % of employees hate having to fill in and work out paper timesheets. They are also concerned that someone then has to calculate and key their data so they can be paid.

Plus the employees you think "can't use an app", are on their phones using things like banking software, email, facebook, instagram, messaging etc, every day.

So rather than assuming you know how they would feel, why not ask them, ask what they would like from the app, involve them in the process, and let them trial an app to compare.

Employee engagement is key when implementing any new system or process.

And no, time and attendance/timesheet apps aren't for everyone but if you don't ask you won't know.

I think you will be surprised by the response and you might just end up with a better process.

Never Assume!

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