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The top 10 issues that employers face when using manual processes like paper timesheets to track employee time at work.

We speak with employers on a daily basis about the issues they face when managing employee time & attendance. These are the top 10 issues they tell us they deal with when using manual processes like paper timesheets to track employee time at work.

  1. Manual errors: Paper timesheets are prone to human error, such as employees accidentally writing down the wrong date or time, or making calculation mistakes when totalling their hours.
  2. Fraud: Without proper oversight, paper timesheets can be easily manipulated or altered to falsely record worked hours.
  3. Inconvenient: Employees may have to spend time filling out paper timesheets each week, which can be inconvenient and take time away from their actual work.
  4. Difficult to track: It can be challenging to track and manage paper timesheets, especially if an employee turns in their timesheet late or if there are multiple timesheets for the same time period.
  5. Time-consuming: Calculating and reconciling paper timesheets can waste valuable time for your management or admin team, especially if there are a large number of employees.
  6. No real-time tracking: Paper timesheets do not provide real-time tracking of employee hours, making it difficult for managers to get an accurate picture of their workforce at any given time.
  7. Limited reporting capabilities: Paper timesheets do not provide the same level of reporting and analytics as electronic systems, making it difficult to get a complete view of employee hours and attendance.
  8. Limited access: Paper timesheets are often stored in physical files, which can make it difficult for employees and managers to access them when they are needed.
  9. Prone to loss or damage: Paper timesheets can be easily lost, misplaced, or damaged, which can create problems with tracking and paying employees accurately.
  10. Inefficient: Using paper timesheets is generally less efficient than using an electronic system, as it requires more manual effort and is more prone to errors and delays.

All of these issues can be resolved by the implementation of a digital time and attendance system like MyTimesheets.

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