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What are the rules around managing employees pay on a Public Holiday (+ Happy Waitangi Day, NZ)

There are a number of rules related to paying staff for working (or not working) on a public holiday.

With our National Day – Waitangi Day occurring this week ( Feb 6th) we figured it was a good time to remind what your obligations are.

We have broken this post to four keys sections which apply to all public holidays:

Public Holidays

Employees get a paid day off on public holidays if it’s an otherwise working day for them. If they work on a public holiday they’re paid time and a half, and may get an alternative day off. Some public holidays are Mondayised (or Tuesdayised) if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday if those days were not days that an employee would otherwise work on. An employee is entitled to a public holiday only if the public holiday falls on a day that the employee would otherwise have worked (if the day hadn’t been a public holiday).

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Alternative holidays

If an employee has had to work on a public holiday, an alternative holiday gives them a day off at another time. Some people call alternative holidays ‘lieu days’ or ‘days off in lieu’ but those terms can also refer to other types of leave so it is recommended to call alternative holidays by their correct name.

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Public Holidays for Employees working shifts or on call

It can be difficult to work out public holiday entitlements for employees who work shifts or are on call.

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Should Employees Be Paid For Public Holidays After The End Of Their Employment?

When an employees leaves your employment, they may be entitled to get paid for annual holidays, alternative holidays and/or public holidays in your final pay.

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Bonus Tip:

It is also a legal requirement to keep time records (timesheets) for the hours worked on a public holiday as well as being able to work out what a normal working day looks like for staff who do not work the Public Holiday – We can help with this.

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