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Why we are waging a war against “TimeCreep” caused by using manual processes like paper timesheets!

We are waging war against paper timesheets because we have seen firsthand the impact that TimeCreep, caused by paper timesheets, can have on a business and its payroll process.

TimeCreep The effect of the small, incremental and often hidden costs of incorrect recording of time, tardiness, rounding errors, calculation errors, buddy punching etc plus potential keying errors and the time it takes to key data into your payroll or job costing system

Your employees want to be paid accurately and on time. This is something that you as an employer also want but sometimes managing employee attendance using paper timesheets can be a bit like a spaghetti western - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

  • The Good - most employees are honest and will record their hours accurately
  • The Bad - sometimes employees will record or calculate the wrong times either accidentally or they will naively think that being a few minutes out is not a problem
  • The Ugly - and then you will get the odd bad actor who intentionally falsifies their times.

But TimeCreep is not just about your employees. It is also about the impact on your management and admin team when it comes to having to check, calculate and key the data in your payroll.

Based on the 20+ years we have worked in the payroll tech space we know that the best way to eliminate TimeCreep and add value to the payroll process is by improving the way data is captured. In particular employee time and attendance data i.e. by eliminating paper time sheets.

Things we have learned...

  • if an employee works 5 days a week and fills in a timesheet, their data will be touched over 25 times before it reaches their bank account.
  • paper timesheets are the most creative time and attendance record you could have and some employees will write down what you need to see.
  • keying and calculation errors can happen when a supervisor or payroll person is working out the times or keying the data into the payroll.
  • we have seen employees receive or not receive allowances or overtime when they should due to calculation errors or favouritism.
  • we have seen on more than one occasion that a timesheet was completed by someone other than the person whose timesheet it was.
  • we have watched as an employee wrote down what time she was coming back from lunch before she started her break!
  • we have seen paper time sheets where the employee forgot to write down that he worked a public holiday so would not have been paid if it had not been picked up.
  • we have seen employees write down a time on their timesheet which did not match the actual time they clocked in. This has been verified by CCTV
  • we know that losing just 4 minutes per day per employee could cost a business over $500 per employee per year based on the average wage.

These are just some of the reasons we created MyTimesheets by TimeHub - our “Real-Time” Employee Time & Attendance system. We have created a system which eliminates time sheets by automating the task of capturing the hours employees work as it happens.

  • Employees can clock in & out using tablets or a smartphone (devices they use every day) and our simple “One Touch” timeclock app makes it easy and accurate
  • There is no need for specialist and expensive hardware.
  • Employees prefer to not fill in paper time sheets and they know if they clock in and out or fill in their digital timesheet their pay will be automatically calculated correctly, which improves trust.
  • Our employer portal sits in the cloud, so you can manage your employee attendance from anywhere. Even if you are offsite.
  • You can ensure compliance with the recordkeeping requirements of the Employment Relations and Holidays Acts.
  • Your employment contract payment rules for hours worked, overtime, leave and allowances are applied automatically.
  • You will improve accuracy and eliminate employee TimeCreep.
  • You will never have to key your payroll data again as a pay file is uploaded to your Payroll system each pay period.

Eliminating paper time sheets could help you improve the way you manage your payroll and ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

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